Friday, 17 June 2011

Hinchingbrooke Park Page… and the trouble with ivy.

Here is a cute lil page I created yesterday of a day out to Hinchingbrooke Park. Other photo’s from the day out are on the blog here.
I used lots of bits of the Do Crafts Woodlands decoupage collection, and a few of the acrylic stamp images.
I need to print the photo of Justin’s bum up in the air to put on another page. Anyhooo… here’s the page and a few close ups too.


Now about the ivy…
I have some ivy growing up the shared boundary fence along the side of my house… it’s not much, just a tiny bit pokes up above the fence every so often. My neighbour leans over my side of the fence and cuts it back to 2 inches below on my side. Now you would think that she can’t do that, as I did… so I cut some more ivy and HOT GLUED it to the fence, lol… Well when I got back from Tesco’s with dad today, it was GONE! She has allsorts hanging over the fence on our side, but I leave it alone… so imagine my shock when I do a bit on online searching about boundary fences, and find out she’s right all along!!! I cannot grow anything up my side of the fence because she paid for the fence… better no glue anymore on then!

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  1. The answer Roz is to have a fence panel on your side of the boundary and then you can grow up it what ever you like and there is nothing she can do about that! Some neighbours are so annoying! We had an annoying neighbour years ago that grew leylandi - my other half injected mercury in the roots and it died :( Thankfully, I don't have neighbour issues in the country.


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