Sunday, 5 June 2011

Christmas Eve scrap page.

I'm enjoying scrapping at the moment. Today I decided to do Christmas Eve 2010... although I still need to do 2009!! Nevermind, I will get to it... Oh I think I need to do 2008 as well actually, lol... Well anyway, back to this one. I used Nitwits digital scrapbook kits and printed off the elements that I wanted, and the patterend papers. I love Nitwits stuff! The ones used are Twas the Night and Nitwitville. (Thanks Jacqui!!)
Tomorrow I shall work on Christmas Day, and also make a bye bye happy retirement card for one of the nurses on A&E. 

Below is a photo trying to show the flowersoft used on the bobble and the edging - thanks again Jacqui xxxx

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