Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Sports Day 2011

Matthew had his school sports day today. He was in the green team, and they came second. Matthew likes Sports day, apart from the skipping rope bit lol...
Below are some photos from today, and some more of my lillies, and also a scrap page of the now famous (surely!) Hinchingbrooke Park. 

 The dreaded skipping rope! 

 Matthew with one of his favourite teachers - Mrs Baldock.

I didn't know till tonight that these are lilies! (I changed yesterday's post to say lilies now.) We used to call them the palm trees when they were growing lol.

This is the lovely Hinchingbrooke Park again. These photo's are from when we went in April. I used a Just So Scrappy digital kit and printed out the elements. I do like the cute little ducky hiding from them by the bullrushes.

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