Monday, 25 October 2010

A day out at Hinchingbrooke Park.

We had a lovely day out today at Hinchingbrooke Park. Justin had the day off today, and Matthew is on school holidays for this week.
It was a warm day but chilly too, lol, I can't describe it as anything else. Warm in the sun, chilly in the shade??
I used my Sigma zoom lens, which isn't too great. It was a cheap lens (still over £100 though!) and it doesn't like auto focus I found out today, so these are manually focused. We were out for nearly 3 hours! We went on our bikes, and I haven't ridden my bike for about 6 months... I had to walk part of the way. I'm so unfit! 
We took a small picnic as well, stopping off first time in the woods, and the second time by the lake to eat. It was a lovely day... back home and then Justin cooked a lovely roast chicken dinner, which he should have cooked yesterday!

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  1. Fantastic pics Roz. That park looks so beautiful. I love the pic with Matthew with his bike helmet and multicoloured gloves on, that is a cracker!xx


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