Thursday, 9 June 2011

Jack Frost

Whilst most of the country last December was under 10 foot of snow, we just had frost... but it was amazing frost!! It was SO thick and lasted for most of December. I LOVE winter, so this suited me fine...

I've been talked into helping to run a photography club for the year 5/6's at school from September... the kids have to have a digital camera, and most of the kids do nowadays. Matthew loves his. I got talking to a teacher he sees once a week about what he likes to do, and after mentioning crafting and photography. We'd print the photo's after viewing them on the white boards at school, and then get the kids to create a scrapbook of their work. Matthew will love it!

Anyway, back to Jack Frost... 
... here is the page that I created this morning. I used some Sandylion papers I've had for ages.

We had a trip out last night... 
I always ring dad, since he's been home from hospital/rehab, between 6pm and 7pm every night when I've not seen him in the daytime. Last night, I rang every 5 minutes from half six to have seven, no answer! We got a taxi to take us to dads... and fearing the worst, I sent Justin in first!!! I'm really no good in a crisis. Anyway, there was dad sat on the settee watching telly!!! 
I'd told dad to put his phone on the coffee table during the day, it's one of those cordless ones, and thought it would easier for him to answer/use instead of getting up all the time. Well the stupid thing doesn't like being off it's cradle, and won't ring!! So that was the end of that idea... dad then had a nice trip out driving us home, lol.


  1. Hi roz, absolutely love your LO, great piccies and emebellishments:)
    sorry for not stopping by for ages,I had to close susie sunshine blog but i have now started a new blog, would really appreciate if you could stop by for a peep and follow me again please :-)


  2. lovely photographs....... I really must get mine sorted......

  3. Can't find your blinkin email! LOL!


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