Thursday, 30 June 2011

Sunshine and Love. Oh, and cake!

Last night I created another page from the day out in April at Hinchingbrooke Park. I know it seems that that's the only place we go to... well we don't go to many places lol!

I've fallen in love with a camera lens... It is a Canon 85mm f1.8. If you look on a blog to the right of this page, Slugs on the Refridgerator, the lady on there uses this lens... I want it!!! Click HERE to see the lens
Today, Matthew is off school as the teachers are on strike, so we made a cake. It's got almond extract in it... tastes like a bakewell tart lol.

 Before Matthew decorated it...

Don't you just want to stick your finger in and get that bit of jam off?!
...and after Matthew decorated it.

Showing off "his" creation!
 "Oops, jam on my finger!"

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  1. Ooh.... fantastic cake :)
    I love the layout... and even if you do go to the same places, it's just great how you take so many different photographs... and the layout is brilliant! I just can't seem to get the right effect when I try to make my layouts with these sort of embellishments. I'm looking hard at your LO, and figuring out what it is I do wrong - cos yours is lovely!


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