Saturday, 10 January 2009

We have HOT WATER!!

I forgot that the hot water tank in the airing cupboard could run on electric, d'uh! I phoned Justin from work today and told him to switch it on and hey presto, hot water! That is such a relief, coz at least if you've got hot water you can jump in the bath.
Dad has also lent us a fan heater that we've got on at the moment, just to warm up the lounge a little bit, and I've pulled the central curtains across to keep the heat in a bit more. It's not that bad in here really... I've got my thick cardi on and we have lots of crocheted blankets! LOL!


  1. Hi Roz - ah yes, terrible if one has to be without heat or hot water and we never think about it unless it happens.
    Glad you are managing and able to keep warm.

  2. Oh Roz! I think I'd die off if it was'nt for my heating and hot water, def think I should be hibernating this time of year, I HATE the cold. Keep warm.x

  3. Roz,
    I sure hope you get everything sorted soon, especially with the weather being cold. Take care.

  4. Sure hope your next steamy and relaxing bubble bath is not delayed for too long. Hugs from Desire


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