Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Daniel the gas man!

He is a genius! He came back again today after ringing me to see if the heating was ok... I told him that the rads had stopped working and the boiler was clanking again, so he said he'd be straight round. He spent 2 hours fiddling around trying to get it sorted out today. He changed the pump in the airing cupboard, cut off some more pipe and cleaned it, and various other things. Well he got it working, although 2 upstairs radiators still need bleeding but the nut things on them have worn slightly. He said he'd be back another day to have a fiddle with those. He even worked through his lunch break today.
It is SO nice to have heating again in the house.
Funny thing is... myself, along with 2 of my cousins, who incidently are sisters, have also not had heating either this week. One of them didn't lose their heating until last night, and that was when a radiator fell off the wall????? How on earth does that happen! Anyway, it covered the NEW flooring in black sludge ruining it... I suggest a powerflush is needed!!! I'm still saving for one of those myself.


  1. word, Roz, this has been going on for some time - you must be soooooooooooo glad you've got heating.........keep warm, my friend.

  2. Hi Again Roz - can you pop by my blog, I have something for you.

  3. Ah yes. The powerflush and black sludge. Great fun, aren't they?!!

    Be careful- after our powerflush the pipes sprang lots of leaks- the stuff is so powerful it killed off the oldest, rusty bits of pipe and left some holes!


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