Tuesday, 6 January 2009

So as I sit here with my tea and toast...

...trying to decide what to do today. Yesterday I'd had a quick look at a couple of Scrapbook magazines in town - Scrapbook Inspirations, and The Scrapbook Magazine, and came home with neither, so today I might just get one of them... even though I don't think either gives me much inspiration anymore; I get most of that through looking at the great blogs which start from the great list I have over on the right hand side, one blog leads to a thousand others.

I've not long been back home from taking Matthew to school - first day back after Christmas! It's very quiet here, and I shall miss him today, but hopefully I shall get round to making at least one card. I need to get some birthday cards made for my CardScraps girls this year - I didn't send out any birthday cards last year, so I must change that this year. 

So, back to today. I'm going to go into town soon and pay in a cheque for Justin, get some money out for Sophie's pills from the vet, buy a mag maybe, and maybe another pot of Prima flowers!! 

Check back here later too as I might start doing a "Favourite Card of the Day" from all the blogs that I visit!! 

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