Friday, 9 January 2009

The Heating has packed up....

I have Gascare coming out on Monday!!!! Trouble is, they have already recommended a powerflush and won't fix heating problems because of that... So, other option... order a new boiler from British Gas (coz it is 21 years old), pay for that on finance with British Gas, and then they do a powerflush too... so a bit of a dilema, lol. I won't get a nice bubble bath tonight then!


  1. We've had no heating since we moved in, MArch 2004!!! Occasionally since then we have had one or two radiators working, but some of them never have, and at the moment, only one (out of 9) works. Luckily that is the bedroom one though :)
    But we do have hot water- touch wood! SO that is ok.

    The latest heating engineer/plumber made 3 work for 2 days, then they went off again.
    He says there is a blockage behind the boiler where he can't get at it. He says he won't touch the boiler, or service it etc. unless we have an air-vent put in. He says it's now illegal for us to have a boiler in a room with no air vent. (But there is no outside wall in that room- duh!) So he wants to go digging holes through walls to put in draughty air-vents when we have enough draughts, thank you already!


    SO now we are back at square one. ALso, he replaced our pump- didn't show us the new box so how do we know he put a new one in? ALso didn't leave us the old one. ANd the new one is soooo noisy.

    £170. Rip off.

    Sorry for the moan. You mentioned heating though.


  2. Blimey! No heat since 2004!! You'll have to give me some tips to keep warm, lol.
    We have hot water now... I forgot the emersion water heater can run on electric as well, lol.


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