Tuesday, 13 January 2009

So... the heating!!

.... is NOT working! It worked for about 2 hours today, and the gas man had to visit twice, but then it made such a clanking noise and the downstairs radiators decided they didn't want to go, so I ended up switching it all off coz of the noise.

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  1. We've had no heating since we moved in, MArch 2004!!! We do have hot water, thank God! And a fire. Over than that, I leave the oven on sometimes, and have a couple of plug-in radiators that I carry round the house! This has put my crafting on hold though, as even the plug-ins won't heat up the room my stash is in- the "study" was an add-on. Imagine how cold an unheated conservatory is this time of year- that's my study/craft place!


    We have had 3 people in so far with quotes that are so far apart it makes you wonder whether they know what they are doing! Another one is due tomorrow afternoon.

    Fingers crossed!!!


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