Thursday, 22 January 2009

Get your school interested!

Matthew spent over 4 hours on the computer today since leaving school at 3.30pm. His school has signed up to use this fantastic website Mathletics. It encourages children to log in out of school hours and do maths challenges. You can see other children's names and where they're from, school etc, and it keeps a tally of your total. You work towards awards, and Matthew just earned a bronze certificate, so when the school log in tomorrow, they can print it off for him. It's amazing!

EDIT: When I say you see the childrens names... Matthew is just listed as Matthew C, so not his whole name. It's pretty safe.


  1. .....wowsers, how fabulous for the kids, Roz! Congratulations, Matthew on your "Bronze Certificate"!

  2. Thats a fabulous idea Roz, BUT I would be a bit concerned about having childrens names and schools displayed, or am I being daft.

  3. They don't put the full names, it's all pretty safe.

  4. Hi Roz:
    Your cards show the love you have for the craft and you share so much with others, I have a lovely award for you on my blog.

  5. Ooo that sounds interesting! I must let my O/H know- he's a primary school teacher so he might pass that on! THANKS!


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