Friday, 19 December 2008

Where have the frosty mornings gone????

I'm annoyed! I hope it's going to be frosty on Christmas Day! It's been freezing here most mornings for around the last month, and now the temperature goes up 10 degrees C.

Matthew had a Christmas party/disco at school during school hours today which they knew nothing about. They had some party food too so that added to their enjoyment. They also got a treat from the teachers dressed in drag, lol. The teachers performed Jack and the Beanstalk their way. I wish I'd of seen it. Matthew's teacher said he doesn't know how women can walk in high heels... mind you, neither do I!

Justin had today off work and we went to Tesco's with dad. Justin HATES shopping and gets quite stressed going round the shop... then after there we went to Iceland to get some frozen gateaux, cheesecake, ice cream etc. We were glad to get the shopping finished. I still need to get the fresh salad stuff, but what I don't have after that then it's tough.


  1. about some snow, Roz? We have lots and there is twice as much coming - I'm hoping we can go to our daughter's for Christmas dinner. I'll send some your way (lol).
    What a nice surprise for Matthew at school.
    I'm with Justin - don't enjoy shopping anymore!

  2. Hi Roz
    Sounds like you are nearly ready for Christmas! I hope you have a lovely time with your family.
    Hugs Lynsey :)


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