Thursday, 11 December 2008

Walk like an Egyptian.

For school today, Matthew had to dress as an Egyptian... so last night I got busy ripping up a brand new sheet to come up with this effort, lol. He did actually look quite good this morning... He had fun and looked the part along with all the other kids, and his teacher looked pretty much the same as this, but without any trousers!! Bet his legs were cold, it's been freezing here all day long!
I also made a card today, shock horror!!! I'd cut out some Christmassy shapes with the Cricut E and sat and glittered them. I then made ONE card... I still can't believe how much stuff you have to get out just to make one card, and all the mess... or maybe it's just me that makes all the mess, lol. I need a craft room... 

I'm feeling much better now, and looking forward to looking around all the blogs on my blog list again, I've missed seeing all the gorgeous creations.

Darryl had his Christmas lunch at work today... He had 2 soups, 2 turkey dinners, 2 Christmas pud and custard, 2 mince pies, 2 bottles of beer, and 2 red wines... his table were told that if they could eat two, they would get their dinner for free instead of paying a fiver... I'd of paid the fiver!

I have a beef casserole cooking in the oven, and it smells scrummy. (Darryl doesn't want any tonight, lol) I'm going to enjoy my dinner tonight with dumplings as well. Oh, I have to mention Matthew, lol... At 3am on Wednesday morning, Matthew woke up and couldn't get back to sleep, so instead of just laying in bed, he got up and went downstairs, turned the Christmas tree lights on, got a drink, layed under some crocheted blankets on one of the settees and watched Deck the Halls Christmas film... then he turned it all off at 5am and went back to bed. I wouldn't have dared do that when I was his age, not that we had video's/dvd's back then lol, but I'd of been scared!!! He was very tired last night when he went to bed, lol, and didn't get up to watch a film again last night.

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  1. ....what a fun time for Matthew - he is dressed very well for the part. Darryl's Christmas goodies sound absolutely scrumpadelicious! mmmmm 'beef casserole and dumplings' - I'm coming over Roz (lol)


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