Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Darryl won a prize!!

Darryl entered a competition that was in the "Myvue" cinema magazine. It was to win some Quantum of Solace stuff, and there were to be 5 winners. He spent £10 on his mobile sending text messages trying to win. He never heard anything from them until the postman came this morning and delivered them! He won a massive cinema poster that's in the tube, an excellent jacket, a cap, and in the case is a cocktail shaker and two Bond cocktail glasses. He was very surprised. Well done Darryl!!

You are not seeing things if you can see the little Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles on my tree, lol... Darryl got them as a little boy, so they have to go on the tree each year... although I think I've managed not to have them on the last couple of Christmasses, but he got Matthew to put them on this year, lol... and yeah, my little pink mouse from Cleethorpes is still on there. I've forgotten again how old it is... but it's about 34 years old. 

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  1. exciting - Congratulations to Darryl.


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