Sunday, 7 December 2008

Happy December!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well! I've STILL got throat problems, it's not sore anymore, but it hurts when I swallow but mainly on the sides and my ears... but then it alternates which side hurts, so I'm rattling with painkillers, Strepsils (thanks dad!), and gargling in Asprin. My voice has also gone since dad was here for dinner tonight.
I still haven't made a card, but I did get the blanket finished finally!! I'd used 6 100 gram balls of pink, and 5 50 gram balls of black eyelash and Merce was very pleased with it. I'm SO glad it's finished. 

I'm almost finished my Christmas shopping, just an odd present left to buy still. I've got them all wrapped up as well! I'm so organised this year. Matthew's bike is still in the garage of course, and we will attempt to wrap that up on Christmas Eve at about 1am when Matthew's finally asleep, lol. 

Here are some pics of our trees etc... we do also have a little lit tree in our room but not photo here. Justin bought it last Monday, and it makes the bedroom nice and cosy, lol.

Our main tree in the lounge.

Darryl's tree in his bedroom.

Matthew's tree in his room.

Garland on unit.

Advent candle.

Candle arch in window.


  1. hope your soon feeling better, it certinly looks a lot like christmas at your house.looks lovely.

  2. Hi Roz:
    So sorry to hear you still aren't feeling well - be well soon, my friend.
    Lovely pictures of Christmas in your home - great decorations.
    I love your new blog look - I wish I felt comfortable to change mine but I don't want to lose everything again (lol).


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