Saturday, 27 December 2008

Our Christmas...

Was great! 
Below is Darryl, Abby and Matthew ready and waiting for our Christmas Eve buffet patiently. We had lots of scrummy things to eat. 
Abby left around 7pm to get to her nan and grandad's. Telly wasn't very good this night, and Justin had a headache and spent 3 hours in bed!!
Matthew went to bed at 10.30pm and "Father Christmas" started bringing the presents down and under the tree at about 11.30pm. We also had to get Matthew's new bike from the garage and wrap that up! Justin made us a cuppa. We went upstairs to bed at about 1am. I placed some little pressies like chocolate Santa's and other little bits under Darryl's tree and in his little stocking hanging on the door and then Justin went and got Matthew's stocking, after putting a couple of bits under his tree. Justin bought his little stocking in our room and then MATTHEW WOKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We heard him whispering "Santa's been, Santa's been." He then came in to tell us, by now we had the stocking in bed with us, lol. Matthew then went to the loo so Justin chucked the stocking on Matthew's bed, lol. Matthew said that Darryl's stocking had things in, but the strangest thing is that his was missing, lol... then he saw it on his bed and laughed. We told him it was far too early to be going downstairs, but he could open the little presents in his room. We heard him ripping little bits of paper for ages. I think he got up once more in the night, and so did Darryl as he couldn't sleep!
We got up at 6.35am.
Matthew LOVED his bike, and he said it was a big shock, lol. We all got lots of really nice presents. Justin got me a Betty Boop watch, pen, and charm bracelet, Leona Lewis CD, a Liliput lane pub cottage, and more! Darryl bought me a large Forever Friends rubber stamp/stickers set, Mamma Mia on Blu Ray and The Mist, Bendicks mints, two books and more. I got my lovely suede boots and pyjamas at dads, a bottle of Bacardi, chocs. I got two new Trollbeads from Justin's dad and step mum, a gorgeous deep red one and a silver spacer bead.
Justin loved his Ipod Touch, he also got Jack Daniels, Titanic book and Formula One books, Killers CD and more. Darryl loved his camera and printer, his Rocky bathrobe, dvds/blu rays etc. We got tons of stuff, don't know where it's all going, and it's still a tip here at home.

We went to dads at 11.30am and opened more presents! Dad liked all of his, he had two CD's - G4 and The Priests, some Apple and Damson chutney, new slippers, etc. Dinner was lovely as usual. As I type this, I could eat all of it again right now. 
Justin, dad and Matthew went to check on the dogs and let them out after we'd washed up. I stayed at dad's with Darryl. When they came back we watched Wallace and Grommit Were Rabbit. We watched the Christmas Doctor Who special and then came home. Home looked like a bomb had hit it and still does! We watched the soaps, Eastenders and Coronation Street - Eastenders being the best acted and storyline. 
We crashed in bed about midnight... and we all put our Ds's on and played Mario Kart together, lol.

Boxing Day. We had a brief walk into town and Darryl and Matthew bought some things with their Christmas money. Darryl a blu ray, and Matthew a couple of books.
Darryl went to his dad's for the afternoon, and took Matthew out to the garages behind us to have a go on his bike... it's going to be a while before he can ride it. We're going to take off the peddles so he can just push himself round till he gets his balance - I suppose he should of had a bike years ago! Darryl came back about 8.30pm, and we watched The Polar Express in 3D - see photos below.

I hope you all had a good Christmas, and thanks dad for a gorgeous dinner!

Christmas Eve buffet

A mince pie and milk for Father Christmas.

WOW! How happy does he look??

The presents under the tree.

Rocky! I mean Darryl!

Matthew and his bike.

Christmas dinner.

LOL! Flashback to the eighties.


  1. You look as though you had a great christmas... Dinner looks yum..

  2. ....looks like you all had a wonderful Christmas - love all of your pictures, Roz.

  3. Glad you all had a great Christmas Roz. Love your the Pics of Matthew...his smile says it all!
    Have a Great New Year. Debbie x

  4. awww what a lovely time you all had. Happy New Year Roz and co..hope its a good one for all! XXX (Youll see me on 16th so thts gotta be good,,,lol)

  5. Oh my gosh, what a wonderful wonderful story. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your holiday Roz. What fun and the photos are fabulous. I had a good giggle when I read the title caption under the tree....Presents under the Tree..LOL, and on the couch and anywhere else they would fit LOL!! Wowza, you really went all out!! It was just a fun fabulous story Roz!! Merry christmas my friend and Have a Happy Safe New Year.


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