Monday, 19 April 2010

Another day at Hinchingbrooke Park!

  Another great day at the park. This time is was me, Justin, and Matthew, on our bikes! I managed to bike all the way…. almost. I had to get off at the top of the road towards Hinchingbrooke Hospital as it’s quite a steep hill… well alright, more of a slant, but it’s hard going when you’re not used to being on your bike!

It was a lovely sunny day, although the photo’s don’t always show that the sun was out. Click on the pics to make them bigger.ha001 ha002 ha003  Matthew took these photo’s of us. He’s quite a good little photographer. The second photo, where we’re laughing, was because Matthew was fiddling around with the camera and on about various camera angles, he sounded like a proper photographer. Even though he’s messing with the camera, see how clear the image is?! Not a bit blurry! ha006ha005 ha004ha008ha007ha014ha013ha012ha009 ha010 ha011

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  1. ...oh my these are beautiful pictures Roz! Looks like you had a fun day - lots of scrapbooking there (lol). Thanks for visiting my blog, Roz.


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