Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Today at sunny Hinchingbrooke Park.

Today was a lovely warm day, just right for a picnic in the local park. We were supposed to be going with Jacqui and her boys, but Jacqui phoned me to let me know she was ill half an hour before we were due to go. So as I'd already packed us a lunch each, I said to Matthew that just us would go.
Matthew had taken his little digital camera but the batteries died before he could take one photo! Here are some photo's I took with my digital Canon SLR instead...

Matthew sitting on something resembling a mushroom.

I tried to get some of the photo's similar to the ones that I'd taken with Amanda when we'd gone to the park just to take photo's in the Autumn. It's a pity I didn't get any in the Winter with all the snow on the ground as well, then I would just need Summer. It's amazing how different it looks in each season.
Click here to see the post where I show the scrap page made using the Autumn photo's.

Or click here to see the photo's from the Autumn walk with Amanda.

They think of everything... even a wooden sofa to relax on!

Yeah ok... I forgot to change the white balance when using it on all manual settings!! Still... I quite like it, so kept it. It looks kind of cold.

Matthew looking inside a sawn off tree.

And this little duck gave us quite a shock when we found it sleeping inside!

Matthew had no idea the camera has a self timer.

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  1. Fabulous pictures Roz - you sure do have some beautiful parks nearby to stroll through.


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