Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Little Elijah, a little ted, and a little bit creepy!

Here’s little Elijah from a couple of weeks ago playing with his Hungry Caterpillar. He’s always such a happy little thing. I shall have to take a photo of him on the odd occasion when he’s grizzly… but that’s difficult, he only ever seems to grumble a little bit when he’s tired, and that’s it!

Elijah 02

Elijah 01

And here’s a little ted. I stitched this Popcorn the Bear for my friend Jacqui, isn’t he cute?!

to jacqui

Yesterday afternoon sometime, I was lying on the bed waiting for Matthew to finish doing something and I was thinking about the heavy portable telly that’s in our room sitting on a wall bracket. It’s been there for about a year and a half quite happily. I was wondering where it would fall should the bracket snap or something.

Matthew went to bed after Darryl & Co left at 9.30pm. I started to watch Ladies of Letters on Catch up TV about 10pm. All of a sudden there was an almighty bang upstairs and Matthew started yelling. We ran upstairs and at first couldn’t find what would have caused such a racket. Matthew went into our bedroom and our telly was lodged between the bed and the wall… there was my answer, that’s where it would fall!!! Blimey! The whole bracket had come out of the wall complete with it’s little plug thingies that the screws go into inside the wall. 


  1. ....great pictures Roz! Elijah is so cute and he is growing fast - a little darling he is. I love the bear you stitched for your friend and I'm sure she will too. Is that the end of your TV? I guess it would break when it fell?

  2. I love you Popcorn bear stitching and Elijah is so sweet.
    Thank goodness the TV didn't fall on anyone!!


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