Monday, 18 January 2010

Matthew's 9th Birthday!!

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Happy Birthday Matthew!!

I had to work as usual but Matthew and Justin got up as they normally do a little while after I did at 6am.

He opened up his cards from everyone first, and here's what a lot of them had inside!!
Mr Moneybags! He also got a cheque for £50 as well. Grand total was £130!!!!!

His old Playstation 2 that Darryl gave him when he left home broke, so Justin ordered him this one. He was a happy bunny!

Then... as his portable old telly, that also used to belong to Darryl before he'd bought his 32" flat panel, well this was also playing up... so................

Party time! Clockwise from the top are... James, Arek, a smiling Harry, and Matthew.

They all had a Bowling Tournament on the Wii, and Matthew got first place!! Wooohooooo!

Matthew and Daddy.

Matthew and Elijah.

Matthew proving that he CAN carry Elijah!

Darryl and Abby took Matthew to get some chips during the day while I was at work... that's when I of course, chose to ring him at home, lol. Justin said that Matthew was out and that he'd got Elijah.
It was a great party! Dad came as usual for a Sunday evening. Darryl had to leave not long after for work so I didn't see him for long. Justin had laid all the party food out and cooked lovely hot rolls and cocktail sausages, amongst lots of chocolatey scrummy things.
After they'd had fun playing we tucked into the goodies, then they played the Bowling Tournament. Justin had created some certificates and had printed one out for them all. After a few more games it was time to sing happy birthday and blow out the candles on his cake, and then the kids had jelly and ice cream while we cut the cake and put it inside their party bags with all the little toys/sweets they'd got to take home. Jacqui, (James and Harry' mum, my friend) James and Harry left around 7pm.
Abby and Elijah stayed until 9pm and we walked them home. Back to ours and Matthew went to bed at half nine. He was tired as he'd had a busy weekend, apart from his birthday today, Jacqui had had him over hers all day yesterday. Matthew normally has his little hifi on with music on to go to sleep to, but this night, he just wanted to go to sleep...


  1. Now that looks like a Fantastic Party...and this is one Happy Handsome Birthday Boy!!..Happy Birthday to Matthew!!...Hugs, Ila

  2. "HAPPY 9TH BIRTHDAY, MATTHEW"! What a lucky young lad - fantastic birthday party and awesome pressies - and a beautiful big smile! Great pictures, Roz, thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy Birthday Matthew!!! Hope you had a fabulous day. Wonderful pics Roz, I especially like the one of Matthew and Elijah, you should definitely put that one in a nice frame. Did'nt he do well, what fab birthday gifts. Matthew such a happy wee soul, so glad he had a great day. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx


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