Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Blanket and bits n bobs.

My regular readers might remember that I started crocheting a blanket a little while before Christmas, and I thought I'd better post an updated pic of it before you thought I'd abandoned it. I mainly work on it during my breaks at work. At the moment I'm going around the outside with pink wool, and then I shall finish it off with a few rounds of black.

And this morning I bought this fab bobble wool! It's a scarf kit. I shall start knitting it at dad's this afternoon. I think it's really gorgeous, lots of bobbly bits to fiddle with. You also have to cut off ten lengths to have as tassels. Love it!

Elijah visiting us on December 30th.

Having a chat with Matthew!

Elijah's mum, Abby, giving it some on the drums!
Photo taken December 30th!


Today me and Matthew will go to my dad's after school. We are staying for dinner and I think, it's beef stew and dumplings today - should have had that last week but due to the snow, we didn't go. I think Justin has some pasta thing he bought for when he gets home. We're normally home again about 45 minutes after him, so he doesn't get too much peace, lol.
I took Sophie (dog) to the vets this morning. She has to have 6 monthly blood checks for her Addison's disease and so they'll still write out a prescription for her drugs. I also paid for Abby today (from having her put to sleep in November...), so the total bill was £208! Good job they'd finally sorted out my wages since our contract changed... pity it wasn't done before the Christmas wages, but nevermind, all sorted now. I got to see the vet I liked!! For some reason, he forgets to charge me £25 for a consultation fee, and I don't remind him either. Plus he also writes out a prescription that I can use 6 times up until the next lot of blood tests, otherwise they're monthly and the surgery charge a tenner for each time it's written... if the meds weren't so expensive at the vets I wouldn't need to get them for half the price at Boots!

Right, well... best get on cutting the tassel bits off this bobbly wool then!


  1. Hi Roz - nice to see you posting again - hasn't Elijah grown! What a cutie! ....very photogenic also. Your blanket is humongous - what a lot of work! Looks awesome - love the bright colours. Can't wait to see the scarf complete - how on earth can you knit with that wool? Make sure you show a pic. Great pics of everybody here, Roz.

  2. Me again, well I finished the scarf Roz, I am really pleased because I am not the best knitter! I have tried copics but I like Promarkers better. If you do decide to get some the best place I have got them is the Joanna Sheen website and you get free p&p.
    Hugs Lynsey x


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