Tuesday, 5 January 2010

I thought it was about time...

I've not written to the blog since before Christmas, so I hope you all had a good one and a great New Year!! Here's some photo's of what we got up to.

Matthew waiting for Darryl, Abby, and Elijah to arrive for our Christmas eve buffet.

About to tuck in, just the odd cracker to pull first.

Matthew and Daddy pulling a cracker.

Me and my darling, Cheers!

Just a quick Christmas kiss x

Matthew with Elijah.

Matthew opening up his remote control lorry with a remote control flying helicopter inside!!

Matthew with his Dr Who Tardis wardrobe!!!

Wooohoooooo this is fun!

Little Elf Elijah!

Opening pressies at Dad's x

Darryl losing at The Colour of Money

LOL@Matthew' face - waiting for Christmas dinner.

Matthew in his Tardis which he LOVES!!

Darryl and Abby bought us amongst other things, The Beatles Rockband for the Wii. Here is Ringo Starr and John Lennon bashing out a tune.


  1. Great photos, love Matthew's Tardis, do you think I am too big to have one?
    Going to put my Xmas piccies in my January free Hotprints book, are you?

  2. Oh wow these are fab pics Roz, Matthews expressions are brilliant, they always make me smile. Love his Tardis too, what a fab gift I can think of a few adults who would love this. Elijah in his elf suit is just so cute and has'nt he got big! Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas hun and wishing you 'all the best' for the new year. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  3. Fab Christmas!!and I didn't get any Dr Who things thing in my stocking!! Love that Tardis! Happy New Year!


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