Friday, 27 February 2009


I've been spending this week getting my head round the fact that I'm going to be a grandmother!!!! Darryl is to become a father, my dad is going to be a great grandad... blimey. I'm far too young, Darryl's far too young, and Abby's far too young!
I was shocked when Darryl first told me last Monday. I said "Oh my God"... and was silent for ten minutes, but now, I've bought some wool to make a baby blanket, lol. It is still early days though, Abby is just 7 weeks pregnant, and it's due on October 5th.
Darryl is realising how life changing this is going to be. I don't think he really wants to leave home just yet. He was talking about things like he didn't think that last Christmas was his last Christmas here at our house, and he's going to miss Matthew etc.
So there, that was my massive news!!!

I've not made any cards, just been finishing Paula's blanket, and now I'm finishing Cheryl's unborn granddaughters, then I shall start on my own grandchilds... that makes me sound SO old!!!!
Justin had his 32nd birthday this week on Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). I made the best pancakes ever this year! I'm still sort of on my diet, and losing steadily, well ok, around 4lbs lost in three weeks, but that's good.

Darryl left his job, so I got him an interview at the hospital as punishment, so now he works nights from 8.30 - 4.30am Monday to Friday. He likes it now, hated it the first night though.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A new card, and a new award!

It's been a few days since I've said anything on my blog! I've just not made any cards or anything of interest to tell you all. Anyway... my two friends, Paula and Shell started the Copics Colour challenge. I said to them, that as I don't own any Copics, I shall enter it my way, lol... even though I can't win a prize, blah blah! So, the above is my entry using my Prismacolor pencils and my Brushmarkers (who makes them??? I do know!!! GGRR!), well anyway, I used those to colour in the lil gal.

I received another fantastic award from my friend Paula, but for some reason I can't get to her blog and grab it, so I shall upload that when it lets me. Thanks Paula! I know you gave me one last week and I've still not gone and got that either, but I will... much appreciated though x

Thanks Paula!! WHISPERS brushmarkers!!

Saturday, 7 February 2009


No card today. I've been to work today so too tired to be very creative tonight. Having said that... I was sitting up the table happily using my Prismacolors colouring in Sarah Kay... Matthew came along with his new metallic pencils and asked if he could colour one in. I said yes and I asked him to get the scissors for me to cut one out for him... instead, he tried to get a sheet of paper that was underneath where my things were that I was using... over went my bottle of Sansador all over my two coloured images from tonight... Justin just calmly said "I'd go upstairs for a bit if I were you Matthew, mum's going to be very cross" lol... I'm calm now, but I didn't do anymore colouring!

Friday, 6 February 2009


My favourite card for today has been made by Vicky of Cuddly Cards. I love the subtle colours of this, and of course the gorgeous Penny Black stamp "Lazy Days". How cute are these little hedgehogs?? Click the link and go and have a look at Vicky's blog and have a look at her fab creations.

A little bit of snow.

Here's a little video taken about half an hour ago. I slipped at the end in a muddy puddle lol.
There is a pile of junk in the corner... needs chucking!
The Dalek looks pitiful I know.. but he has been snowed on more today, lol.

Update on Abby.
She came home yesterday and was very tired. She kept falling asleep sitting up and jolting herself awake again, one time banging her head on the coffee table. Today she's more alert and has been outside once.
I've been into town with Matthew, got a few bits like bread and my fruit pots for work tomorrow. I also got a blender pen to go with the new Whispers pens I got, and Matthew got some metallic pencils. Now we're home watching Mamma Mia! LOL!

Thursday, 5 February 2009


I love love love this card!! So pink and girly, I love all the detail, the colours, the stamp, everything! Gorgeous! The card was created by Mumur of Le Blog de ScrapMumur.

Cute Card Thursday metallica challenge.

This is my entry for the Cute Card Thursday challenge. This week you had to add some metal to your card, so I've used a little butterfly charm. My gorgeous Penny Black mouse stamp was coloured with Prismacolour pencils and Stickles glitters in crystal, blue and yellow. I also added some crocheted edging, Prima flowers, Kanban jewels, swirly thing cut with Cricut, Dovecraft Venetian paper pack, and I made the sentiment myself... as if you couldn't tell, lol!

We now have a dalek... (pron Darleck)

Yeah I know... sorry, lol, but the head got knocked off the first version... so here's another one.

Card I sent to Shell.

Here is a card that I made on Tuesday for Shell from Challenge Addict. I can upload it now as Shell has received it this morning. I could have entered this for the Hearts Galore challenge as well! LOL.

Dad, you should have gone to the vets!

Yes, that's right, Dad, you should have gone to the vets! Abby has gone in for her breast lump removal this morning, her surgeon made it in! (I'm talking about our dog Abby, not Darryl's girlfriend, just in case anyones confused, lol) So... if you're an animal, you get an appointment and get the op done one week later (non emergency), but if you're human, you get an appointment, wait 6 weeks for an op that gets cancelled, then have to wait another 6 weeks!

Ok, so aside from that... Abby loved bouncing along to the vets this morning in the snow, she's like a big kid and thought it was wonderful!
We'd heard on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire that Matthew's school was closed. We've had much more snow than we had on Monday. We came home and built the snowman... he hasn't got a name yet though.

Here are some more photos from this morning.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Hearts Galore!

Here is my entry for the Hearts Galore challenge over at Crafty Creations.
I coloured my Sarah Kay image with Prismacolour pencils, Whispers brush markers, and H20's. I used ribbons from stash, Stickles glitter glue, hearts cut with Cricut, swirly stamp from this months Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine, and drew the little red hearts and glittered them.

Three new challenge blogs!

The first new challenge blog I'd better mention is being run by two friends of mine, Shell and Paula. The blog is called Copics Colour Challenge. The first challenge is going to be set on February 11th, and then fortnightly.

Here's the second challenge blog! It's first challenge was set today and is titled "Hearts Galore". The blog is named Crafty Creations, so pop along over there and have a look!

And finally, the third new challenge blog, also for a Wednesday (who was it that said Wednesday's are quiet in challenge land??!), is Truly Scrumptious, they are due to start on the 18th of February, and then every fortnight thereafter.


This stunning card has been created by Claudia from Pretty Pressings blog. I love how the mix of new colours go perfectly with the "old fashioned" colours, and a perfectly coloured Tilda with Lilacs.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Wow! I REALLY love this card!!!! The cute piggy card was created by Ila from Artfully Ila isn't it gorgeous???? Click the above link to visit her blog. I only found it today blog hopping and I've now added it to my blog list on the right.

Forever Friends Challenge - Tall and Thin.

Here is my entry for the Forever Friends Challenge - Tall and Thin.
I used the same stamp from yesterday that is from a birthday big box set by Forever Friends. I used Cricut cut shapes, Stickles glitter glues, Cuddly Buddly sentiment stamp, Kanban jewels (have you noticed I love those too??), and some ribbon from stash.

Monday, 2 February 2009

And another award!

This is from Paula (link on the right), from Paula's Ponderings. Thanks very much Paula!! I'm still thinking who to pass on the other awards I got the other day still, lol.

And whilst listening to Enya...

... and Justin was in the bath, Matthew was laying on the bed watching Flushed Away on DVD, and Darryl and Abby at the cinema then Frankie and Benny's, I decided to make a quick card! I used the birthday box set that Darryl bought me for Christmas. The Whispers Strokes pens that come with it are soooo lovely to use I'll have to see about getting a full set!
I didn't really do much with this card, just matted and coloured in the stamp and shoved a greeting on it, lol, but I like it! It doesn't always have to be fully embellished or take ages to make to look nice.
I do love the Forever Friends stamps. I haven't used my decoupage FF sets yet either... must have a go with those tomorrow.

The Enya album by the way which I was listening to is And Winter Came, Darryl also bought me that for Christmas, it's very relaxing.

I've made a card!!!!

I've made it for a relative of mine that's going through the mill a bit, need to get her address!!! I made with one of my new stamps that came from subscribing to Cardmaking and Papercraft this month. Great stamps!!!! I also used my lovely Prima flowers, Kanban jewels, Forever Friends papers.

Other news...
Dad was due to go into hospital today for a "small" op and an overnight stay... unfortunately, the surgeon was stuck in London. The UK comes to a stand still when it snows... but Matthew's school didn't, much to his disgust, lol. It's snowing rather heavily now though, and it's due to get worse apparently. We don't normally get too much in this area.
I'm on the third 100 gram ball of white baby wool for Paula's grandchilds blanket. I have the edging to do after this ball, and get a motif for it. It's looking lovely.
After school, all the kids ran onto the playing fields to play in the snow. Matthew was having a snowball fight with some of his friends. They played for about 20 minutes, but then Matthew got fed up and came over to me and started crying coz he'd got a large snowball in his ear, lol... awww... he said he just wanted to get home and get in a warm bubble bath. It was freeeeezing in the snow, and there was quite a wind too so the snow was blowing in our faces. I was glad to get home too.

LOL, ok... apologies. The blanket is for Paula's GREAT niece or nephew... not grandchild!!