Friday, 6 February 2009

A little bit of snow.

Here's a little video taken about half an hour ago. I slipped at the end in a muddy puddle lol.
There is a pile of junk in the corner... needs chucking!
The Dalek looks pitiful I know.. but he has been snowed on more today, lol.

Update on Abby.
She came home yesterday and was very tired. She kept falling asleep sitting up and jolting herself awake again, one time banging her head on the coffee table. Today she's more alert and has been outside once.
I've been into town with Matthew, got a few bits like bread and my fruit pots for work tomorrow. I also got a blender pen to go with the new Whispers pens I got, and Matthew got some metallic pencils. Now we're home watching Mamma Mia! LOL!


  1. lol great video...can see Matthew doing the weather on the telly in the future!! Hello Matthew!!

  2. Oh gosh how I love watching the videos you create of Matthew. Its so nice to be able to not have to wait an hour for them to download. How fun with the snow. I'm happy Abby is recovering well.

  3. .....great video, Roz - It's so nice to hear your voice and Matthew's also - looks like he has a great time in the snow.
    Glad to hear Abby is doing better.


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