Monday, 2 February 2009

I've made a card!!!!

I've made it for a relative of mine that's going through the mill a bit, need to get her address!!! I made with one of my new stamps that came from subscribing to Cardmaking and Papercraft this month. Great stamps!!!! I also used my lovely Prima flowers, Kanban jewels, Forever Friends papers.

Other news...
Dad was due to go into hospital today for a "small" op and an overnight stay... unfortunately, the surgeon was stuck in London. The UK comes to a stand still when it snows... but Matthew's school didn't, much to his disgust, lol. It's snowing rather heavily now though, and it's due to get worse apparently. We don't normally get too much in this area.
I'm on the third 100 gram ball of white baby wool for Paula's grandchilds blanket. I have the edging to do after this ball, and get a motif for it. It's looking lovely.
After school, all the kids ran onto the playing fields to play in the snow. Matthew was having a snowball fight with some of his friends. They played for about 20 minutes, but then Matthew got fed up and came over to me and started crying coz he'd got a large snowball in his ear, lol... awww... he said he just wanted to get home and get in a warm bubble bath. It was freeeeezing in the snow, and there was quite a wind too so the snow was blowing in our faces. I was glad to get home too.

LOL, ok... apologies. The blanket is for Paula's GREAT niece or nephew... not grandchild!!


  1. AWWwwww Roz. that is lovely. i love Penny Black yet I have none of their does that work?

    Sure your relative will love the card too

  2. awww thats so cute Roz. Might have to subscribe to that mag!! and its not my, great niece or nephew if ya please. Cant wait to see it!!

  3. Hi Roz your card is beautiful!
    Hugs Lynsey:)

  4. Lovely card you made. it's so cute.

  5. oh gorgeous card luv the hedges, luv all the flowers, sue.x

  6. Another awesome card made by our "Roz" - that's so cute! Love the stamp and your flowers are nice too.


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