Thursday, 5 February 2009

Dad, you should have gone to the vets!

Yes, that's right, Dad, you should have gone to the vets! Abby has gone in for her breast lump removal this morning, her surgeon made it in! (I'm talking about our dog Abby, not Darryl's girlfriend, just in case anyones confused, lol) So... if you're an animal, you get an appointment and get the op done one week later (non emergency), but if you're human, you get an appointment, wait 6 weeks for an op that gets cancelled, then have to wait another 6 weeks!

Ok, so aside from that... Abby loved bouncing along to the vets this morning in the snow, she's like a big kid and thought it was wonderful!
We'd heard on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire that Matthew's school was closed. We've had much more snow than we had on Monday. We came home and built the snowman... he hasn't got a name yet though.

Here are some more photos from this morning.

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  1. Wow, you're place looks just like ours - white, white, white! Matthew looks like he is enjoying it - great pics Roz.
    It's the same here with Vets and Human docs - go figure!!??


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