Saturday, 7 February 2009


No card today. I've been to work today so too tired to be very creative tonight. Having said that... I was sitting up the table happily using my Prismacolors colouring in Sarah Kay... Matthew came along with his new metallic pencils and asked if he could colour one in. I said yes and I asked him to get the scissors for me to cut one out for him... instead, he tried to get a sheet of paper that was underneath where my things were that I was using... over went my bottle of Sansador all over my two coloured images from tonight... Justin just calmly said "I'd go upstairs for a bit if I were you Matthew, mum's going to be very cross" lol... I'm calm now, but I didn't do anymore colouring!


  1. better luck tomorrow - enjoy the rest of your evening x

  2. theres an award for you on my blog!!

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