Sunday, 12 July 2009

Wooohooooooooo Matthew!!

Here is Matthew FINALLY riding his bike. (Click the triangle on the video dad!) He got SO frustrated over Christmas because he just couldn't do it, so gave up, and didn't like his bike very much. Today, Justin and Matthew went out to the garage and saw that the back tyre was flat, so Justin pumped it up and then Matthew walked around with his bike. He then got on it without us looking (well he didn't see me up at the bedroom window) and just got on it and rode it! I later went out and took this little video of him. I wish I sounded a bit posher, lol.

Darryl and Abby seem happy in their new home. It's still a tip, lol, but Darryl's bedroom here is now clear and Justin is busy painting the bottom half of the wall as Matthew can't wait to get in there.
We didn't finish taking Darryl's possessions round his new house until this afternoon, so it's been a busy few days and I'm glad I had the weekend off!


  1. Yay for Matthew!! Tell him congrats for me. He should be having fun with it now that he can do it. Go Matthew!!!

  2. Aw, how fab is that!!! Well done Matthew! When my mum was trying to teach me to ride my bike I crashed into the school wall and bumped my head, put me off bikes for life lol. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  3. Well done Matthew! I learned to ride a bike by freewheeling down a hill...not many hills where you are I suppose....LOL

  4. Congratulations Matthew! .....and a video to prove it! Well done!

    Glad to hear Darryl & Abby are happy in their little home.


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