Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Darryl moves out on Friday...

So my firstborn is leaving home on Friday to live with his girlfriend, Abby. They will be living about 3 minutes walk from us, which is ideal for when they want us to babysit - not too far for them to walk to ours and bring him over, lol. Matthew, although he has said that he will really miss Darryl, is looking forward to moving into Darryl's old room, which is probably 3 times bigger than his little room he is currently in. He is excited because he will be able to have his little portable telly connected up to the Virgin Tv box and not Freeview like he has at the moment.

I am of course sad that Darryl is moving out, but I am also looking forward to claiming Matthew's room for a craft room!! I shall be moving my big craft cupboard - it's on of those canvas shelving unit thingy's (click here to see what I mean), and little wheelie draw thing, and click here to see the desk that Justin is ordering for me, and an office chair to have up there as well. I will get my old portable telly from Dad's that is currently in Dad's kitchen, unused nowadays, and plug it into Matthew's old Freeview box, and now that Create and Craft are broadcasting on that I shall be able to have that on up there. My laptop can connect wirelessly to the broadband, and my Cricut Expressions can sit proudly on the desk out of it's box. So that, I'm looking forward to.

Darryl hasn't packed a single thing yet. I do keep on at him to get started and not leave it till the last minute, but Darryl has always been a last minute kind of guy, lol. They, Darryl and Abby, have just left for London. It's their two year anniversary today and they're going for a meal at Planet Hollywood, near Picadilly I think.

So my plans for today is to do some cross stitching. I need to get the first card done in the next couple of days, then get started on the other two...


  1. Good evening Roz. I am sure this wont be long before i am going through the same changes in my life. My son has been with his girlfriend for 18 months, and has just found a job. who knows what will be on the horizon! things are finally looking up i hope! good luck to your son and his girlfriend, and i look forward to seeing your craft room!!! hugs Linda x

  2. Ooooh craft room lucky you! but sad that your son is moving out. Its good that they won't be too far away. Hope you are doing ok with it. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  3. Changes abound! How cool that you will be able to get a craft room.

  4. ...ah yes, it is difficult to watch your first born move out ..... but he will be very close by Roz so won't be too bad.

    Matthew will enjoy a larger room as you will having a new craft room. It all sounds very nice, Roz and will be great for you when it all comes together.


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