Saturday, 25 July 2009

Something for Cheryl's grandson.

Door plate for Leo.
I made this with my Cricut Expressions machine and the Disney and Friends cartridge. I made him for Cheryl's grandson who's just turned one. He has his new room in a new house.
I'd not sent him a birthday card and said I'd make him something instead. Matthew now wants one, lol. He is cute though, I wouldn't mind a "Justin and Roz's room" one!

I've only been in my craft room 3 times since the desk went in and I could use the room. Mainly coz of Justin being off for the week and we've been busy with other things. In those three times I've made Darryl and Abby a New Home card, and also an Engagement card, and now tonight this Mickey Mouse. I don't suppose I shall use the room much until the school summer holidays are over in September, but I do love being in there.


  1. I envy you having a craft room....... I am eyeing up my daughter's room but as she is only 15 I have a few years to wait. LOL....

  2. Hi Roz, hope you are well. What a fabulous name plate, I can see why Matthew wants one. Maybe you could do one for your craft room. I'm sure once the kids get back to school it'll be well used. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  3. is sooooooooo cute! I love my Cricut - think I have 10 cartridges now. Real cute name plate, Roz.

  4. Very cute. How nice to have a craft room. I sort of have one too, but it is a big mess and I can't use it as I should at the moment. Need to start tackling it and getting it in ship shape and my things organized so I can find what I want when I want it. It is overwhelming. I keep telling myself, babysteps, one bit at a time and it will get done.


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