Thursday, 30 July 2009


I keep thinking about not having enough paper flowers... although I do have 3 long tubs of Prima flowers and a organza bag packed with tiny flowers, of course I still don't have enough. Then I wondered why on earth I worried about the "lack" of papers flowers I have when I can quill them??!

Below is a photo of the first bouquet I made of quilled flowers. I made it about 4 years ago.

Below is another bouquet mounted on some spirelli.


  1. Were you watching C&C today

  2. ...those are lovely bouquets, Roz - I must get back to quilling. I find it a bit difficult as the ole fingers don't work too well but it's good exercise for them.

  3. Wow Roz why did you ever bother buying flowers in the first place??? These are beautiful!!! Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  4. I agree, that these are beautiful! Great job! I have never done quilling.


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