Wednesday, 26 March 2008

And today.... is not my birthday!!

Matthew and I took Sophie to the vets at 8am, we walked part of the way with Justin on his way to work.
We left her at the vets, then home for an hour before going into town. I got a couple more iron on motif's - one for Matthew's blanket, and the other for Lucy's (ex hubby's daughter). I saw yesterday, that our pound shop had some craft things delivered. So today I went and bought 3 packs of the stick on flowers and some metal fans. I still haven't made a card this year!! I got Matthew a Dalek picture to colour, Lucy a colouring book and a door hanger to colour in also.
On the way home from town the vets receptionist phoned me to talk about money. She told me that the cost of Sophie's op will be in the region of £500!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND they want it tomorrow!!!!
It was very quiet at home, Abby (other dog) just looked lost. I carried on crocheting Lucy's pink blanket, and Matthew made Sophie a card, awwww. He put "I love you so much Sophie".
Darryl and Abby went to Dad's for dinner, then I think Dad took them to Darryl's dads.
The vet phoned during dinner and said that Sophie was coming round from the anaesthetic quickly, but her temperature was down but they were going to warm her up, and she should be home tomorrow. Always a relief when they phone.
So now, football is on the telly, Matthew's just gone up to watch a dvd, and I'm going to do some more of Lucy's blanket.

Yesterday was a nice day, marred a bit by Sophie being poorly. I got some nice pressies and loads of cards. I got some money from dad, thanks dad!! I got a blue troll bead and a silver letter R troll bead from Justin's dad and step mum, and from Justin and Matthew I got Sega Rally for my psp, a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon psp film, complete Vicar of Dibley on DVD, and a Stylaphone!!! Remember them???? Matthew learned to play Happy Birthday (sort of) on it. Justin had wrapped all the pressies up in paper that said "I love you" on it, awww, lol. He's getting as soppy as me, lol! Justin also got me a chocolate birthday cake, plus paid for us all to go to the cinema/KFC/taxi home, that was £47! Not a cheap thing to do when there's four of us, plus we didn't have to pay for Darryl coz he has an unlimited cinema card. PLUS we went on "bargain Tuesday". It was a good day though. Thanks Justin!! Darryl is getting me a pressie on Friday. He said he was looking at them today.

I must say hi to my cousin Tracey, HELLOOOOOOO TRACEY!!! Tracey lives in sunny Doncaster, and I received a card, letter, and photo's today. I can't believe we're in our forties... blimey. Bet our parents can't believe it either. Tracey, you really must learn to email, then we can keep in touch more!!

Right, back to the blanket... one more pink ball to go, then three fluffy white ones.

OH! And the new table and chairs are coming on Monday!!
OOHHH, and Most Haunted Live starts tonight for five nights on Living TV!!! Hmmm... football first though.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008

It's my birthday!!

And it's been a busy day!
One of our dogs had to go to the vets coz she was weeing everywhere and whining. She had to have blood taken for her Addison's and they also did a senior dog check as well.
We went to the cinema at 4pm to see The Spiderwick Chronicles which was a good old fashioned film about goblins, lol. Afterwards we had a KFC. The vets phoned with the results - her Addison's was fine, but her white blood count is high, so she may have just a water infection, which they gave us some antibiotics for this afternoon, or she could have a womb infection, but she's to have a scan tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Freebie bookmark to download

I've been fiddling around with Paint Shop Pro tonight, and here is a bookmark to download. Click on the link below the picture to download.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

And the other canvas shelf... cupboard thingy...

This long one has Matthew's tubs inside, Dalek (darleck) guarding the top! The computer desk has now moved to underneath the back window, now just waiting for the new table and chairs to arrive... oh, plus the decorating of course which is next month... I hate decorating.

Tonight on VOD (video on demand, Virgin Media), I watched Roger Walters Berlin concert, he among others, performed The Wall - my favourite album... it was just a shame that they chose to have Van Morrison singing Comfortably Numb... although I do like the man, just not for that song. I still enjoyed the concert; it's the second time I've watched it now. Matthew would love the Madness concert on there.

First unit filled...

This is the first shelving unit up, and it houses most of my craft stuff. It looks much neater, and everything is easy to find and get out now - not that I've made anything yet with any of it since it's been done.
I got a blister on my hand from all the screwdriving!
Justin is making the longer and lower one of these tonight for Matthew's tubs to go in, should look good. I have to empty a wooden chest and Matthew's craft stuff is going in that.
I went to see Lucy at the weekend, she was all smiley, too young to know what's wrong with her. She was taken to a different hospital on Sunday and will be at that hospital for a month to begin with. I bought her a soft teddy, and a little cuddly giraffe, and David (Darryl and Lucy's step brother) came and took it from our house and his mum was going to take it to her later that day.
Matthew went back to school yesterday, he said he didn't want to go back, but was fine once he got there. He came out smiling as well!! Now that was a miracle!!
The weather is cold again. We had a couple of days that were lovely and warm, but that was around 2 weeks ago now... and it's set to get colder again by the end of this week.

Friday, 14 March 2008

A bit of a shock...

My ex husband phoned this evening to tell me his daughter, Lucy, who is four years old, has had some tests, and it seems that she has Leukaemia. Very sad, it will be a rough time ahead...

Thursday, 13 March 2008

And on the 7th day...

The blotches looked like this...

This was Matthew's arms this morning. This slapped cheek really does work it's way around the body, lol.
Other news...
Canvas shelving units ordered tonight, new dinner set also ordered. New tablecloth and glass placemats bought this morning. Shelving coming on Tuesday... need to buy some tubs. Matthew picked out blue ones today. Might go and get those tomorrow.
We've also had another Doctor Who day... in no particular order either, lol.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Oooh, it's gonna be posh!

Tonight Justin ordered this...

I love it! We are ordering some canvas shelving tomorrow, to house my craft stuff, and Matthew's toys... both with have a serious clearing out session previous to the new things arriving. Matthew's bedroom is SO tiny, he can't have any toys up there so they all have to live in the lounge/diner with everything else. The computer desk will be moving to beneath the back window. We are also decorating in the room in April, it's been the same in here since the year 2000, so it's high time for a change!!

Update on Matthew's spots...
They have now gone onto his hands and thighs, and down the backs of his arms. His face is slightly better tonight. I've had another day watching Doctor Who, and a bit of good news is that I finished the red white and black blanket!!
Darryl was working at Huntingdon Racecourse today, something to do with Sport Relief.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

The first time ever I saw your face - Leona Lewis

Just a gorgeous song...


Well, today the blotches have gone further down... to his bum, lol. Perhaps it will be his legs tomorrow. (I managed to add the photos to the other post!!) I had a horrendous throat throughout the night, and was so glad to finally be getting up this morning to get a drink and some paracetamols. Went into town and I bought some more Lemsips, although since also buying some Throaties, my throat seems a lot better, time will tell, I know it normally gets bad at bedtime.

I'm going to try and find a song by Leona Lewis again for today's song, yes I know I've not kept up with my daily song, but that was mainly for Christmas!!

Matthew and I mainly watched Doctor Who all day long. We've got all episodes recorded onto DVD, so we've been taking our pick with those. He's now in bed watching The Christmas Invasion yet again...
Justin's just finished watching the Liverpool footy game on Sky Sports, and is now going to have a F1 race on the PS3... I'm just charging my ipod and adding more songs, Duffy being one of them!

Monday, 10 March 2008

Interesting reading!!

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Slapped Cheek Disease!

Matthew has Slapped Cheek Disease. He's had it since Friday. The funny thing is though, he really was slapped in the face during a "fighting game" one of the playtimes on Friday, so he came out of school with a red face. The redness didn't go away, and it turned blotchy, and this morning he had developed a rash on his neck, shoulders, chest, and back. He is ok in himself but is to stay off school for a few days. I've got a sore throat, which Matthew also had around a week ago... I hope it's not the start of slapped cheek!
You can't really tell on the mad photo of Matthew how red and blotchy his cheeks are.

I've also added a photo of the two blankets I made for a woman at work for her children. They took me 2 weeks to make, and I'm now in the process of making a red, white, and black one, then Matthew wants a white one with teddy colours - caramel and dark brown fluffy edges so that will be started after this one I'm currently doing.

Justin sold his HD DVD player and his HD DVD's due to the fact that Blu-Ray won the war... shame really coz HD DVD was a much better format, but there are so many Playstation 3 owners out there which helped the other formats popularity.

Finally managed to upload the photos, they are self explanatory, lol.

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

I really am on a roll.

Yet another couple of pages, well, front and back. I wish I had a working printer!

Two more pages!

I was on a roll... then the printer died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so annoyed!! So I've ordered a new one, lol.

2nd Digi page

This is my second page, the front and the back. I have now laminated them along with the one from yesterday and its back as well. I have punched the holes and bought some silver rings. I'm going to put one in the corner to keep them together... now if I can only work out how to open the ring!!!!!!!!

I know you were thinking that I was having a senior blond moment, but I wasn't... the ring was faulty... I have now successfully opened another one!

Monday, 3 March 2008

Digi scrap

This is my first little atc sort of sized digi scrap page. In this months Scrapbook Inspirations mag it mentions making one. You have to digi scrap your page, but it's sort of atc sized, or slightly bigger, then laminate it, punch a hole in it, and tie that and other pages with a ribbon... should look nice when it's done.
I've got SO many digi scrap kits, all freebies... I get lots of them from this site and have the RSS link on the top of my browser. FREEBIE DIGI SCRAP.