Monday, 10 March 2008

Slapped Cheek Disease!

Matthew has Slapped Cheek Disease. He's had it since Friday. The funny thing is though, he really was slapped in the face during a "fighting game" one of the playtimes on Friday, so he came out of school with a red face. The redness didn't go away, and it turned blotchy, and this morning he had developed a rash on his neck, shoulders, chest, and back. He is ok in himself but is to stay off school for a few days. I've got a sore throat, which Matthew also had around a week ago... I hope it's not the start of slapped cheek!
You can't really tell on the mad photo of Matthew how red and blotchy his cheeks are.

I've also added a photo of the two blankets I made for a woman at work for her children. They took me 2 weeks to make, and I'm now in the process of making a red, white, and black one, then Matthew wants a white one with teddy colours - caramel and dark brown fluffy edges so that will be started after this one I'm currently doing.

Justin sold his HD DVD player and his HD DVD's due to the fact that Blu-Ray won the war... shame really coz HD DVD was a much better format, but there are so many Playstation 3 owners out there which helped the other formats popularity.

Finally managed to upload the photos, they are self explanatory, lol.

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