Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Well, today the blotches have gone further down... to his bum, lol. Perhaps it will be his legs tomorrow. (I managed to add the photos to the other post!!) I had a horrendous throat throughout the night, and was so glad to finally be getting up this morning to get a drink and some paracetamols. Went into town and I bought some more Lemsips, although since also buying some Throaties, my throat seems a lot better, time will tell, I know it normally gets bad at bedtime.

I'm going to try and find a song by Leona Lewis again for today's song, yes I know I've not kept up with my daily song, but that was mainly for Christmas!!

Matthew and I mainly watched Doctor Who all day long. We've got all episodes recorded onto DVD, so we've been taking our pick with those. He's now in bed watching The Christmas Invasion yet again...
Justin's just finished watching the Liverpool footy game on Sky Sports, and is now going to have a F1 race on the PS3... I'm just charging my ipod and adding more songs, Duffy being one of them!

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