Monday, 1 September 2008

That's the weekend over...

Work was ok at the weekend. Cheryl had a hangover yesterday and it took her most of the day to get over it. I really couldn't do that every weekend. She says it's not every weekend, lol, but I say different.
I reinstalled my Sims 2 games onto my laptop and have been happily watching them get to know each other. I made a little bungalow similar to Justin's dads, and made a little character like Justin and called him Jusstin Castell... sad I know, lol. Jusstin also had a dog just like our Abby.
I've no pictures of any new cards to show you, so here's just a couple from our holiday.

Me and Matthew eating at Paddington Station. (I was relieved to have got off the tubes!)

Three nutters on Woolacombe Bay Beach. (I had to buy the hat coz the sun was in my eyes and I'd left my sunglasses back at Steve and Joans!)


  1. Nice pics.. so much for our great british summer... Happy cricutting... lol..

  2. ....great pictures, Roz - and I love your acquarium too.


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