Wednesday, 24 September 2008

No card today due to...

Matthew being off school due to what I think was an asthma attack in the night, so then he got today off school.
When he was about 2 and a half years old he had a problem breathing which came out of the blue as far as I'm aware. He had to work really hard breathing in and out and was in hospital for one night, then sent home, only to be back in for another two days a day later. He was put on nebulizers and oxygen but the nebulizer didn't seem to do anything. The oxygen put his levels back up from 89 to 99/100%. Anyway, he was sent home from hospital and we were none the wiser as to what had happened.
Since that time, every year (he's now 7) he has these breathing problems a couple of times a year. Last night he went to bed as usual at 9pm and sounded a little bit "croupy" after coughing a couple of times. Within half an hour he was up out of bed having trouble breathing but managed to settle enough to get to sleep. At around 2am his breathing worsened (he had been wheezy all the time when he was asleep), and he couldn't speak a sentence, just words here and there and his chest and throat were going in with each breath. He then threw up. It took around another half an hour for his breathing to improve enough for him to sleep.
Today he's been ok, his voice is a little wispy, but other than that he's fine today. So we'll see what the doctors say tomorrow.

We went to dads for dinner - chops, gorgeous! They were lovely and soft, lol. Dad had to get the results of a blood test today, and his potassium is half what it should be... so plenty of bananas for you dad!

Darryl has his old school friend, Tom, staying tonight. They'd gone to the cinema to get the 6.15pm showing of Grease but it was full, so we had to pick him up on the way back home from dad's and they're booked in to the 8.45pm showing. They just had pizza delivered!

Oh, my Cuddly Buddly stamps came today. I got Peace on Earth (cat with mouse and Christmas pud), then a little girl with a cat, and I think a boy with a dog, but I can't remember all the names off hand... I have stamped them, but not coloured them so far.

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  1. hope Matthew feels better soon.

    enjoy your stamps;-)



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