Friday, 12 September 2008

Blue Tilda.

I've been playing with my new Tilda stamp and my Cricut Expressions Storybook today. It took me almost 2 hours to create this!
I used the Cricut to cut the scalloped ovals, and the corner embellishment. Papers were Venetian collection by Papermania. Kanban jewels. Prima bitty bag flowers. Colouring with Prismacolor pencils.
The cheeks went slightly wrong... I'd used my face colour water colour pencil, everything fine, then I added the pink cheeks with the Prima's... but it didn't seem to like it when I added the Sansador ontop of water from using the watercolour pencil... oh dear... oh well, we live and learn. Since uploading however, I have added a blended blue edge to the white oval, and Tilda is now standing on a grassy green bit!! I always seem to have a fiddle with a card after uploading it... I should learn to wait.

I also got a couple more bargains for cake making today in Tesco's. This time it was sugar flowers and hundreds and thousands. I don't know whether Supercook are changing all their cake decorations, but they're selling them off really fast!
Darryl bought a new album today, Melody, by Sharleen Spiteri. It's excellent. If you love the sixties sound and a bit of Northern Soul, then you'll love this album. I've already copied it onto the hard drive of the new hifi... and I've played the whole thing 4 times so far today, I can't get enough!! Have a listen! I don't think you can hear them if you're using the new Google Chrome browser though...

Francoise - Sharleen SpiteriDont Keep Me Waiting - Sharleen Spiteri
Words to Francoise by Sharleen Spiteri...
(And they reckoned the lyrics from the 80's songs made no sense...! Feel free to leave a comment to explain these lyrics to me... song is gorgeous though!)

I, what did i say
Cause i, cant remember your name
And breathe...
And i, dont know what you once said,
And now, look what you do,
Im free...
To say, what you wanted was mine
Not free, dont stop its the end,
Im tired... of it,
But not to ones self,

A place, i couldnt change,
Theres more, its hard to explain,
For me...
So smile, theres no time to reflect,
To fall, from secrets like these,
Im free...
To say, what you wanted was mine,
Not free, dont stop its the end,
Im tired....of it

But not to ones self, im tired of it
But not to ones self...


To say, what you wanted was mine,
Not free, dont stop its the end,
Im tired....of it,
But not to ones self, im tired of it
But not to ones self......


  1. Gorgeous Card Roz and Francoise is absolutely gorgeous tune.


  2. Card looks great...I think Mark might like this album its great, been listening to it while I've been doing my accounts...which I wish I hadn't started cos it looks like I've spent enough on craft stuff to buy a house!! LOL

  3. Yeah you got to get it Paula, it's brilliant. I'm still playing it on the hifi, and I've now transferred it to my ipod too, lol.


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