Tuesday, 16 September 2008

A blue Christmas card for Tiffany.

Above is a card I've made for one of my supervisor's grand daughter Tiffany. I was asked a few weeks ago to make one for her, then I got an order for about 6 more cards!
Anyway, here's what I used...
Stamp - Magnolia Edwin's Snowman
Papers - Dovecraft 
Snowflake punched white glitter card.
Snow made by using Anita's Snow writer and glamour dust to make it sparkle.
Coloured with Prismacolors.

And to show I've been practising my colouring. This is much better in the "flesh". His face is the best I've managed so far! I used Prismacolors, but instead of adding the cheek colour straight from the pencil and then blending, I used the sansodor wet paper stump directly onto the pencil and then lightly coloured his rosy cheeks... exept the camera didn't pick this up at all really.

Other news.
Darryl and Abby went to London last night, firstly for a meal at Planet Hollywood in Piccadilly Circus, and then to see the stage show of Monty Python's Spamalot. They had a great time! They'd bought a bargain package - a meal and the theatre for £20, although they paid more for the meal as Darryl bought something else as well. He said that the meal was fantastic even at the budget price. They were supposed to be sitting in the balcony seats, but they'd been changed to the best seats in the dress circle which should have cost £55! Darryl seems to have all the luck, lol.
Tonight they're going to put chocolate butter icing on top of an already iced shop bought birthday cake... I think we're all going to feel a bit sick later...


  1. Your colouring is coming on great guns! Love it..congrats on the orders..how do you price them up?

    Glad Abby and Darryl had a good time..lucky them!

  2. I only ask £1.50 for the cards... should ask more really. Perhaps I'll put them up to £2!

  3. ...aw Roz, your cards are wonderful and colouring fantastic. I have a couple Tildas on order and can't wait to get them....they are tooooo cute!
    Lucky Darryl - oh my, your kids are growing quickly, Roz. TFS.

  4. £2??? they are worth a lot more than that...look how much work has gone into them.

    lady at work gave me £10 for the football card...lol, I told her to pay me what she thought it was worth...it all goes to charity anyway!


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