Wednesday, 10 September 2008


My Cricut cartridge, Storybook, came this morning and I'm in love with it already. It is amazing! I have cut out the most gorgeous leafy panel for a background, some gorgeous climbing leaves, some oval mats... oooohhhh, it's the best cartridge yet!! Anyone contemplating getting this cartridge, stop! Just get it, you won't be disappointed. 
I keep looking at the cards Bev makes over on All the things I love blog... they are stunning. Try as I might to replicate one of them, I can't... must try harder!!

We went to dads after picking up Matthew from school today, and we had a lovely roast pork dinner. Dad gave Matthew lots of coppers (bronze money for those not a Brit, lol), so he put them in the copper tub that we have at home. We save them and 5p's all year and end up with around £40 by Christmas, and it normally buys the chocolates/sweets/nibbles for the festive period. 

I did visit Sainsbury's again this morning and picked up another ten tubs of the little cake decorations. Angelica - 9p! I still have no idea why they're so cheap as they're all well in date. I also bought some glace cherries and saltanas, and will use them to make a fruit loaf. I bought a electric hand mixer for under a fiver as well! I am tempted to make my own Christmas cake again... I say again, I've only ever made one once and that was about 14 years ago. I made an 8 inch square one and it must of had quarter of a bottle of brandy putting in it over a period of 4 months - I made it mid September! My friend Elaine came over, she had also made her own cake, as had her friend Carol. Elaine said that my cake was the best she'd tasted, and I believe her, it was so moist (all that brandy in it!) and just yum! I did cheat with the icing though... I bought roll out marzipan and roll out soft white icing, and covered it in a ton of Christmas decorations. I'll have to hunt out a photo of it to show you.

"They", Justin and Darryl, are watching The Sarah Connor Chronicles on Blu Ray... zzzzzzzz... we had the football on earlier, and England beat Croatia 3-0. I'm beginning to get tired now but will probably stay up until this next episode of Sarah is finished. Tomorrow, hopefully, my Prismacolor pencils will arrive. I'm also going back to Sainsbury's, but this time to buy some food colourings so I can make pretty coloured butter icing, lol.
Fridge pickers wear bigger knickers.

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  1. Hi Roz:

    You must show us some of your Cricut cuttings - always interested in seeing what that machine does!
    Your fairy cakes look yummy - wish I was close by, I'd drop over for tea :)


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