Tuesday, 8 April 2008


I always wanted daisies to grow in my grass like they do in my dad's. Well today, up one sprung!!!! I remember last year taking a few of them from dad's lawn, and sprinkling them into mine, and nothing happened. Well I was so happy today that I'd got one, lol. I shall take a photo of it tomorrow. I might just have to make a scrapbook page out of it.

Matthew went back to school today. He didn't want a sandwich for lunch, instead, he had tuna and pasta, tomato, cucumber, peaches and jelly. When I picked him up he was in a good mood for a change. He had left his tomato and cucumber as they'd gone all soggy because of the sauce. Today I bought him a tiny bottle to put some sauce in, so he can add it to his lunch at lunchtime instead. He ate all his tuna and pasta up, surprising because he said he doesn't like it cold, and he had one of those ice packs in with it.

I actually made a card tonight, I haven't made a card since before Christmas. I watched a little bit of Create and Craft today, because even though we now have Virgin Media and that channel isn't on there, we still have our old satellite box so I plugged that in, lol. It was nice to see the channel again. I need to start scrapbooking and cardmaking again.

I'm still making Lucy's nan a blanket, but my finger joints started hurting, so I think I need a couple of days rest from the repetition. Maybe I'll make another card tomorrow, or maybe an ATC!! I bought some glue runners today in town, some gold and silver card, and a couple of packets of epoxy fairy stickers.

I'm tired now, it's 11.40pm, and Justin is playing Formula 1 on the PS3 online... it will be bedtime soon hopefully.
Night all xx

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