Tuesday, 22 April 2008

A little summery.

Yes, summery, not summary!!
I wore my sandals today!! AND my cropped jeans. Temperatures must be up for me to do that. I wish the weather would warm up for a bit longer, I'm fed up with the cold now.

I must wave to Sheila!!! HELLOOOOOOOOOOOO SHEILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How often do you read my blog woman??? You can always post a comment under a post if you like chuck. I was thinking about you the other day... when me and another person put "sold" on your for sale sign when you lived in our street... soooo funny, must have been mad - it was around midnight! I'm normally in bed by then nowadays, lol.

I haven't done much today to say anything about... went into town and bought some loose new potatoes, lol...errrr.... I bought two bunches of daffodils for 20p from Sainsbury's along with a £2 bunch to go on my table. I never used to buy flowers at all, but they do set off the new table. The daffs went in the kitchen window.
I crocheted just two rows of Cheryl's black bag today... watched the final episode of Torchwood with Darryl (I'd watched it with Justin, but Darryl hadn't seen it)... did a bit of washing...

Daisy news: I now have TWO!!!

Well... unless I can think of anything else, that's about it... football on the telly tonight, Liverpool v Chelsea.

Oh yes!!! Some excellent news about my ex husband's daughter, Lucy. She is now in remission!!

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