Sunday, 20 April 2008

Decorating finished!! Woohoooo!!

Finally, finished. It's always a relief to get things back to normal. It's taken all week to do it as we have nowhere to move furniture out of the way. We're happy with the result.
Here are before and after photos almost from the same angle.

It was nice having Justin off for the week, even though we didn't do much without either a scraper or a paintbrush in hand. We did go to Subway on Wednesday morning and we had a scrumptious egg, bacon, sausage, melted cheese, and tomato Subway, latte coffee, and a chocolate cookie. Mmmmm, I can taste it now.

Here is a photo of that first daisy that we got on our front lawn... it's still there!!

Last weekend I borrowed a crochet book from a nurse, Natasha. This is the first book that I've actually understood anything it said. Tasha also explained a couple of things as well. So this week I also made a crocheted bag!!! I took it into work and everyone loved it!! But now I want it in black, and bigger. Cheryl also wants one too and she's given me the money for the wool so I'll get that tomorrow, along with Carol's wool that she wants, and my black and cherry red.

Darryl was excited tonight. He subscribes to an American comic/magazine and saw today that they had published a letter that he wrote/emailed to them. I will have to scan it.

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