Wednesday, 2 April 2008

April already!

And in flew April!
I realised I forgot to say what was actually wrong with Sophie! She had pyometra. She's getting on really well, keeps trying to play with the other dog Abby. She has to go to the vets to be checked over on Friday morning. Her stitches are all fine, but her Addison's disease is playing up, maybe just because of all the stress with her operation.

Here is the blanket that I made for Lucy, and now her Nan wants one as well! It is a lovely pink, not sure if that comes across really on the screen.

Here is a pic of our new table and chairs!! We were missing two certain types of screw, and one of the seat pad frame thingy's was missing two holes where one of the legs are screwed into!! Paul (ex hubby) sent a drill down with David for us to borrow, so we finally got it all sorted out and finished last night. We will be decorating in a couple of weeks, so I'll post an updated photo then.

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