Monday, 8 February 2010

Stitching - In Dad's Shoes.

This is little Humphrey standing "In Dad's Shoes" from "Humphrey's Corner"... awwwww. I stitched it to go in Matthew's room. I think I started stitching it before Darryl moved out last July so that it was ready to go in Matthew's "new" room... well I'm not the quickest of stitchers. That's not strictly true really, it's more that I get so far and then stop, plus I've got far too many hobbies and I start off really enthusiastic and then go onto something else. Well I'm never bored!! LOL!
Ok, so here he is, washed and framed this morning, ready for Justin to hang up later in Matthew's room.


  1. Good morning Roz, wow what a stunning piece of work. Its certainly worth all that time and effort. I used to do loads of cross stitching till i found card making, and because card making is so much quicker, i never went back to the stitching. Mind you after seeing your master piece might get my cottons out again soon! have a good day hugs Linda x

  2. Oh this is just soooo cute!! Love it. I turn my back for a couple of days and you are churning stuff out!! That just dance looks fab. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx


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