Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Christmas sampler

I haven't stitched any of this for ages!! Thought I'd better do a little bit today. It's such a busy picture, with so much to look at I love it! I shall do some more on it tomorrow, but take the Humphrey's Corner - Fishing one with me when we go to dad's tomorrow night for dinner.

So below is my progress... today I completed the left hand patchwork part and then backstitched it all. I thought it was better to backstitch each finished section otherwise it would be too overwhelming at the end.
The little bit of sandy colour is the beginning of a lion standing with a lamb.

Other news.
Matthew is playing Wii Resort basketball, he's getting quite good at it. I'm still waiting for my Wii Just Dance to arrive... that'll get me moving, *cough*.
Matthew is loving swimming at school, he can still only use floats, but he's getting more confident in the water. He's also loving playing a recorder. I bought him his own recorder and printed some music sheets off of the internet for him. I think he takes after his grandad for liking musical instruments. He loves playing on grandad's electronic double keyboard organ (I'm sure that it's called something other than that...) that's upstairs at dad's house.

Matthew is staying over his friends house again this Saturday night, and I've got Sunday off work, wooohoooooooooooooooo, a lay in at the weekend!!!!


  1. Lovely stitching..a great design sigh..another on my wishlist lol
    Argh..you have just reminded me that I have wii dance...and I have not even opened it..I reckon my boys have hidden it.
    Right..revenge..I will make sure they all go on it at the weekend lol

  2. Hi Roz - your stitching is fantastic and so striking. Can't wait to see it finished! It sounds like Matthew is very musical. Good for him playing the recorder. I think music is good for kids .... keep up the good work, Matthew and 'happy stitching' Roz.


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