Thursday, 11 February 2010

Matthew - Just Dance!

I bought the Wii game, Just Dance, yesterday. Matthew loves it! I had 15 minutes on it earlier today, took me ten minutes to get over it! I'm so unfit. I must have a go on it everyday!!
Click on the little triangle to see the video.

We went to dad's yesterday and had dinner. Dad cooks the most perfect pork chops. I stitched a little more of my Christmas sampler, and again a bit more today. I really need to finish the blanket I'm crocheting as well. I've only got to go round it three more times...

This photo was taken yesterday morning. It was snowing quite heavily for about half an hour, it snowed again in the evening and settled over night, but was gone by midday.

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  1. Cute picture of Matthew in the snow. I couldn't get the video to work, Roz - I see the TV with a pic on it but it didn't move. My grandkids have the Wii game and love it.


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