Thursday, 18 February 2010


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So it's snowing again... This is Matthew and his Polish friend, Arek (proun Arrick) playing in the back garden. They couldn't wait to get outside when it started. It was falling heavily and in big chunks... Justin would have been happy at work, lol, he loves it snowing and says that if he's freezing at work, then it may as well be snowing.

The card below I made for my friend. The colours aren't quite right, as I used my mobile which is better in outdoor situations. Anyhoo, used my gorgeous ProMarkers to colour the puss in and some stickles glitter to liven up the bubbles...

It's Darryl's 21st birthday tomorrow. Blimey. He's coming over at 8.15 to pick up his birthday money - £120! So that he can spend it in Cambridge with Abby and her mum tomorrow. I think his dad has given him £100, so he'll have a good day out! They are then coming back, leaving me with Elijah and then going to the cinema. I've then go to cook southern fried chicken and southern fried chips while they're out. By the time that's all done, they should all be home and Justin should be home from work as well. I had to buy chocolate cakes etc today also, which Darryl gave me a tenner for, lol.

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  1. What a gorgeous card, Roz. You're doing one terrific job with your Pro Markers. Are they alcohol based? Great little video with Matthew & his friend.


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