Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A selection of crocheted blankets...

DawnMarie from 3 Sneezes and a Magpie got me thinking about my crocheted blankets, so I thought I'd upload a selection from over the years.
I haven't added one of any of the three I've made for my unborn grandson!! I've not taken any photos of those ones! I'd made one each in white lustre (which IS in a photo below), a cream lustre, currently I'm making a baby blue lustre, and a lemon small ultra soft one. I shall take a photo of the blue one when it's finished.

Last year I made about 15 blankets that were ordered by people from work... I was really fed up with making them at the end... especially when I was just finishing the last one on order and about to do the outside edge when she asked me to double the wool...............................

These two were made for a little boy and girl made to order and sold.

Matthew and Bob the dog cuddled up under his "doggy blanket", called so because of the colours and the dog motif which you can't see lol.

Made for Lucy (ex hubby's daughter) when she was really poorly with Leukaemia.

The white one at the top is for my unborn grandson, crocheted in WATTLE STITCH (click for youtube video) - my current favourite crochet stitch. The white one with motif was made for a little girl born 7 weeks ago, to order and sold.

A selection of colourful blankets made over the years. If you click on the photo below it will make it clearer to see the text on each blanket.
The purpley one for the double bed I crocheted in Wendy Velvet Touch and they come in 50 gram balls and were approx £3 per ball... it cost just over £120 to make, and goes on our double bed every winter. It's lovely.


  1. Wow these are fabulous Roz, I cannot believe how many you have made. They are all beautiful, I hope that I can be as good one day. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  2. Hi roz...

    I don't believe this i made crochet blankets and egded them with the fluffy wool for my 3 nieces, they are more a less identical, i did a very lacy one in 3 ply i think, and it was so delicate, but hey good minds think alike...
    Beautiful work.....
    Hugs Angel

  3. Beautiful, beautiful Roz. The wattle stitch has been a favorite of mine for years. It gives a good meaty weight for either afghans or lap robes, of which I have made many over the years. Also used that same stitch using regular weight Kitchen string/thread/cord, whichever you know it as, to make pot holders. Beautiful work my friend.

  4. Wowsers, Roz, I didn't know a favourite past-time of yours was crocheting blankets. My word, you've made quite a few - and aren't they lovely! A talented young lady you are!

  5. You do beautiful work! I agree with Myrt, you are one talented lady!!


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