Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Pest Control!

Are coming to our house tomorrow to lay down poison... DO NOT read any further if you are squeamish!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday morning I got up for work at 6am, Matthew came down at 6.30 and laid on the settee. Justin didn't get up this morning as early as he'd gone to bed really late.
Around 9am Justin sent me a text message to say that there had been a rat in our lounge!!!! Matthew had been watching telly and had heard his toys move. He looked halfway down the room to where his toy cars were and noticed his train getting knocked over. He got up to investigate - braver than me! He then saw something run under the table and noticed it's long tail. He went up to tell Justin, who thought he was joking at first, until he started moving Matthew craft chests that were under the computer desk and heard a squeak!
He took a photo of it for proof, lol. Matthew opened the backdoor - again, braver than me, and the rat ran out under my tomatoes. The creepy thing is, the rat had been in the lounge all night with the dogs!!! The back door hadn't been opened since the night before.
A few days ago, I'd noticed that the tomatoes I'd got that were on the lower branches were half eaten. If the dogs nibble at them they pull off the whole tomato.
On Sunday we decided to clear out the greenhouse as there were two garden chairs that were living in there for the summer instead of the garage... and in the greenhouse was were the rat had been camping. He's gone now thankfully, and all his food sources have been removed so he won't be happy.
When I spoke to the council they said I could leave it as the rat was gone and wasn't bothering us anymore, but as my dad was so insistant that I phoned them in the first place, I thought I better book them to come out. The council lady said that I was just unlucky, and that rats are on the move at the moment anyway coz of clearing out of a nearby brook and harvesting the fields.
IF the rat comes back, no signs so far that he has, then it will eat the poison. Why don't they put poison in the sewers, brooks, streams and fields? That's where they live afterall...
My cousin, Wendy, just two weeks ago had rats in her loft. Her other half Garry used to bang on the ceiling to shut them up coz he couldn't sleep, lol. They're gone now... or at least they're all now poisoned and dead in her loft.... what a lovely thought to leave you all with today.


  1. You know rats don't really bother me, I would'nt like them in my house mind. Hope all goes well getting rid of them. Hugs Dawn Marie.xx

  2. ...oh dear - those kind of rats one doesn't need. My grandkids have pet rats and they are so friendly and likeable....nice colours too.

    I hope he doesn't come back for your sake.

  3. I hope the rat doesn't come back. I don't think it would be a good idea to put rat poisoning in the sewers, brooks, streams and fields as it might leech into your drinking water. We had a family of mice living in our basement - found out where they were coming into to get into the kitchen and put out some traps. 2 days later it was Oma 5 - mickey 0. We haven't seen any since.


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